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Building a Smarter Planet. Together!

The world continues to grow smarter and more complex – and at a faster pace than ever. Markets move at a blistering pace. Intelligence is being infused into the systems and processes that make the world work. Economies are more interconnected. Enterprises must reach farther and integrate more – more people, more systems, more software, more processes.

Today, it’s all about building a smarter planet together – leveraging on Online Solutions to customers and deliver meaningful value. 

Why Join?

When you join as Business Partner with - you are teaming with one of the most innovative companies in Financial Services space today. Aligning your business with Machine Bank means you can deliver solutions that enable clients to work smarter and leverage technology that addresses – and solves – the business challenges that matter most to them. Joining as Business Partner gives you access to the resources you need to begin building and selling Infrastructure - based solutions, products and services. We deliver an array of valuable benefits in five key categories:

  • Looking for higher returns compared to Savings A/C?
  • Want to earn with rates higher than FDs?
  • Want to invest and get returns of up to 30% Annually? - Not Guaranteed
  • Be a part of revolution –!

Here's how we can help you

Boost your savings by lending money to real people through vote4cash and earn returns upto 60% to 100% annually.

  • Get returns on idle cash
    • Now earn up to 30% annually  on unused liquidity by investing in real people through
  • Earn monthly
  • Choose your market & daily limits
  • Social Status matters most than Credit Rating – Philosophy of
  • Invest in multiple borrowers
  • No marketing required
  • No CAPEX
  • High Risk - High Return
  • No prior experience required
  • No Commitment of time (Do what you had been doing and let your money start doing more for you)
  • Can start with Min. Rs. 30000/- amount & increase it anytime 
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