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Borrower FAQ

  1. What is is world's first online market place wherein borrowers can avail cash loan into their bank account, select repayment period between 1 day to 30 days, pay interest for days of usage only at just 1 click; without the hassles / humiliation of documentation, guarantor, collateral, verification, etc.

    We at are driven by a philosophy; that Social Status is more important, vital than credit rating.

  2. How does works?
    • First Time Registration with your FB / Linked In login credentials OR through Vote4cash Mobile APP (Android / iOS)
    • Complete Registration Process (one time)
    • Get your account activated
    • Login & Select the Loan Amount (Slider)
    • Select the Tenure (Slider)
    • Get CA$H instantly in your bank account*
    • Repay on due date & get rewarded too*
  3. Why is giving loan without any verification, documentation or guarantor? is driven by a philosophy that Social Status is more important / vital than credit rating; especially in today's flat world of networking.

    Therefore, once your membership is approved / activated; you can avail loan (upto set limit) any time, from anywhere at just 1 click without any further documents / collateral / guarantor / waiting, etc. We call it as ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP, LIFETIME NO HARDSHIPS...

    However, Membership / Loans are at sole discretion of

  4. How should I repay my loan to

    You would receive an SMS alert & Email alert to your registered mobile number & mail ID 24 hrs before due date. On the due date, check your e-mail (Inbox / SPAM / Junk); either you can repay loan through your Net Banking (preferred) or deposit due amount as cash in our bank account (Rs.250/- is to be added as cash handling charges on due amount) .

    Your are requested to mail us the payment receipt to and mention your Loan Aaccount number in the subject as same shall enable us to close your loan account.


  5. What if I don't repay the loan to on due date?

    In the unfortunate event wherein customer defaults to repay the loan; would post defaulters list with details on various social media platforms and make it public. At the same time, would adopt all legal procedures to recover its amount with arrears & subsequent costs from the defaulter.

    As lends money to its members based on principle of SOCIAL PROFILE / STATUS, it would communicate to all possible contacts of yours about loan default (as per its terms and usage policy) and would make all genuine attempts to recover the dues.

  6. I would like to extend my loan tenure? Can I do same?

    Yes. But extension of tenure should be done min. 24 hrs before due date by logging to your account at and one can have maximum 2 extensions for any given loan account. 

    Please note that Extension request is subject to approval and is at pure discretion of


  7. What are the charges at

    Cost of Loan: Fee + (Rate of Interest * Loan Amount)

    • Fee: Processing Fee + Service Charge

    Rate of Interest: SILVER Member

    • 1-6 days - 0.1% per day
    • 7-14 days -0.2% per day
    • 15-30 days -0.3% per day

    Rate of Interest: GOLD Member

    • 1-6 days - 0.1% per day
    • 7-14 days -0.15% per day
    • 15-30 days -0.25% per day

    Rate of Interest: PLATINUM Member

    • 1-6 days - 0.1% per day
    • 7-14 days -0.15% per day
    • 15-30 days -0.20% per day

    Processing Fee: Rs.1000 irrespective of loan value & tenure of loan

    Foreclosure / Pre Payment: No Charges. One can close the loan any time during its life & pay interest only till that day.

    Extension of Loan Tenure: would attract again processing fee of Rs.1500/- plus applicable interest for period extended

    Default: Every 24 hrs post due date default would attract Rs.500 penal charges Plus per day interest as applicable and post 3 days in defaulter list, vote4cash would initiate legal process & also update defaulters name with CIBIL. Further, defaulters near & dear would be intimated and would attract daily interest further on till he / she repays the due amount.

    Note: All our charges are inclusive of Service Tax.

  8. Why should I provide my PAN card / Aadhaar Card / Employee ID card soft copy to ?

    In the unfortunate event wherein customer defaults to repay the loan; would post defaulters list with details on various social media platforms and make it public. At the same time, would adopt all legal procedures to recover its amount with arrears & subsequent costs from the defaulter.

  9. Does share my personal information with other parties?

    No, except with partner companies / clients who are equally responsive. However, in case of a default we would share as mentioned above.

  10. When do I get my loan amount? is committed & understands your needs and hence would do its best to deposit your loan amount to designated bank account instantly. However, due to some technical snag at bankers end / other issues; it might get delayed, which shall be intimated to you.

  11. When do my interest charges begin?

    From the day loan is deposited in your account and is calculated for the tenure selected

  12. What should I do in case releases my loan after few days ?

    In extreme case, wherein fails to deposit loan amount in your bank account within 24 hrs (max) due to above reasons (any); you would get an SMS alert on your registered mobile number & an e-mail to registered mail ID once your loan request has been processed successfully. You need to login to and raise a fresh loan request.

  13. Can I have / avail more than 1 loan at a time?

    Yes. You can avail multiple loans till your V4C account has balance (Silver / Gold / Platinum)

  14. Can I do repay my loan before the due date?

    Yes. You can and also get rewarded as you get featured in our "ELITE CUSTOMERS" list

  15. Why should I Pay Rs.10/- to V4C?

    As a first time user, it’s mandatory for you to pay Rs.10/-to Vote4Cash through your net banking account (One time) as same would enable you not just avail loan instantly but also repay loan availed back to V4C instantly.

    As you are First Time User, you are requested to follow below steps to get your bank account verification completed.

    1.   Add “LUHARIA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED” into your Payee List (details as under)

    • Bank:  Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
    • Branch Address: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Plot No.31, Rohini Enclave, Opp. To Cyber Tower, Hyderabad – 500033, Telangana, India
    • A/C Type: Current A/C
    • A/C Number: 9512571329
    • IFSC:  KKBK0000561           


    • Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd
    • Branch Address: HDFC Bank Ltd, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    • A/C Type: Current A/C
    • A/C Number: 50200020965565
    • IFSC: HDFC0000968

    2.   Post successful payee  addition, make a payment of Rs.10 to above account through NEFT / RTGS

    3.   Send an E-mail from your registered mail ID with “ Payment Confirmation details” of above Rs.10 successful transfer to (Preferred)

    NOTE: Rs.10/- paid shall not be refunded as its account integration / validation charges.

  16. Can i make part payment for loan amount availed through V4C ?

    We are extremely sorry as we do not support / encourage partial payments for loan availed. However, you can Fore Close 100% of your loan amount (save on interest cost).

  17. Would Vote4Cash ask for additional documents after submitting the application?

    Yes. In case, our system seeks further inputs based on your social profile, our team might request for additional documents for one time membership approval.

  18. What is One Time Membership, Lifetime No Hardship means?

    We at vote4cash understands and respect your valuable time, need 4 instant cash during emergency, etc and hence we have developed this unique system wherein user needs to submit his / her application only once and once our system approves your membership, you can avail loan (as per the limit) any time, from anywhere at just 1 click without any documents / collateral security / guarantor and same shall be disbursed as quick as 1 minute - ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP, LIFETIME NO HARDSHIPS!

  19. What is Loan Recall?

    Vote4Cash reserves the full right to recall loan disbursed to any borrower (approved members), in case it founds that its member has hidden any information material to loan approval / submitted any doctored, fraudulent document. In such case, borrower needs to repay full due amount within 24 hours of notice served.

  20. What is FB / Linkedin integration at

    As lends money based on once social profile (fundamental principle); it seeks to integrate your FB / Linkedin account with its own FB / Linkedin account wherein your FB friends get suggestion to accept V4C as their friend and Linkedin connections would get recommendation to accept V4C as their professional connection.

  21. My Application for membership was rejected after giving all details, etc? Why?

    Thanks 4 giving us this opportunity to serve you and we are extremely sorry in case we were unable to accept your request. One of the main reasons for rejecting any request by our system would be your social profile / any other information that might be contradictory / your profile does not meet our set criteria.


    Rejection at in no way states / certifies your credibility and its purely our principle / algorithm wherein your profile does not fit into.

  22. My application was rejected. Can i re-apply?

    Yes, you can if you feel that your application should be reviewed and are confident about your social profile, etc. However, approval is sole discretion of

  23. What is Social Score at

    The Social Score @ V4C is based on your character and your connections on social platforms, such as FB / Linkedin. Unlike any other scoring service, V4C uses social data, information from your behaviour on world wide web, and other data that would be shared by to provide a more accurate representation.

    A SocialScore measures character on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the most trustworthy. The SocialScore represents a composite of universal trustworthiness; "qualities" like consistency, responsibility, social inclination and honesty.

  24. What does V4C SocialScore comprise of has a proprietary and ever evolving algorithm that was developed to empower people with the utmost data integrity. Our goal is to increase the accessibility of credit (Need Loans) by mapping your trust graph, your trust graph is comprised of the following components:

    Your social data - V4C uses social data to ensure you are who you say you are. Our system also analyzes your connections and how strong they are.  In many cases this means your family, bestfriends, and close coworkers. 

    Your Financial performance - We also takes into account positive and negative actions for loans availed by our approved members. Make a payment early or on time and you will see a positive jump in your credit limit. We don't share your private data or email address with third parties.

  25. How does access my social media accounts / my network only uses approved open authentication methods to access your social media accounts & / network, contacts. We never hack your passwords / retrieve any of your personal data without your consent and same is securely safeguarded to our best abilities so as to ensure its not accessible by third parties.

  26. I am a new user, how to avail loan?

    As you are first time user - you need to complete one time membership application form online & submit - post that membership processing is done and once same is approved, lifetime you can avail instant loan at 1 click without any further docs / waiting

    TO APPLY: Select your city - loan amount (slider) - Tenure (slider) - click Get Cash - you would get pop up - select first time user - register with FB / Linked in - you would then get the step by step application online

    Please keep following documents ready (soft copy in jpg / pdf format with max. file size of 2 mb) during the ONE TIME registration process;

    PAN Card, Present & Permanent Address Proof (Front & back), Employee ID card (if salaried) or Business Proof (Self employed), your bank details (IFSC Code, Bank name, Branch address, etc), last 3 mths pay slips (if salaried) and last 6 mths bank statements, etc – Please note these documents are needed only for ONE TIME and once your membership is approved, lifetime you can avail instant loan @ just 1 click.