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How it Works

At V4C, xperience ATC (Anytimecash) @ Just 1 click:

a. Complete One time Registeration process  - Any doubt / issue, please call us at +91 9032990000 or write us at

As you are first time user - you need to complete one time membership application form online & submit - post that membership processing is done and once same is approved, lifetime you can avail instant loan at 1 click without any further docs / waiting

TO APPLY: Select your city - loan amount (slider) - Tenure (slider) - click Get Cash - you would get pop up - select first time user - register with FB / Linked in - you would then get the step by step application online

Please keep following documents ready (soft copy in jpg / pdf format with max. file size of 2 mb) during the ONE TIME registration process; 

PAN Card, Present & Permanent Address Proof (Front & back), Employee ID card (if salaried) or Business Proof (Self employed), your bank details (IFSC Code, Bank name, Branch address, etc), last 3 mths pay slips (if salaried) and last 6 mths bank statements, etc – Please note these documents are needed only for ONE TIME and once your membership is approved, lifetime you can avail instant loan @ just 1 click.

b. Avail Loan @ 1 click Anytime, from Anywhere without any Documentation, Gurantor / Collateral security, No Hidden terms / charges, etc

Safeguard Your Self-respect!

Money is Required 4:

  • Emergency at home?
  • Need to celebrate a special moment?
  • Exigency?
  • Contingency?
  • Planning a trip abroad?
  • Can't wait for that gadget anymore?
  • ETC

Things to Avoid: 

  • No more Credit Card trap!
  • No more postponement of desire!
  • No more begging / asking to your peer for hand loan & looking down at one's eyes!
  • No more pledging gold/security/guarantor for that instant need!

  • - K K Jain

Now get small personal loans through V4C ( and save your self respect, pay for your usage / tenure only, easy, instant and secure way.

  • Now get small personal loans through V4C and save with interest rates, pay for your usage / tenure.
  • Short-term personal loan (1 day to 30 days tenure)

Cash Loan on daily interest basis

  • Pay interest for your usage only

Multiple needs and emergencies

  • Apply loans for debt consolidation, travel expenses, medical emergencies, home improvement etc.

Loans without collateral or guarantor

  • Enjoy easy, hassle-free loans with no need for collateral.

No hidden costs

  • All costs are charged upfront! Also, there is no penalty if you pre-close the loan.
    • No Humiliation
      • No field verification at your office / home or with any of your friends. We keep it simple & personalized (Till you don't default)


1. First Time user to register with his/her FB / Linkedin account (if applying through web) OR download our FREE Android / IOS mobile apps

2. Complete One Time Registration Process (For Membership / Account approval)

3. Complete Online Account Activation: By paying one time Rs.10 to Vote4cash through user Net Banking account. This Rs.10 paid shall be refunded back to user along with his/her first Loan amount

4. Your account is now ACTIVATED and can start availing exclusive services at just 1 click 


  • SILVER MEMBER: Initially every user would get registered as SILVER member (tenure 6 months, should be active at least once during this tenure & should not have defaulted once during the tenure to get auto upgraded to GOLD membership)
  • GOLD MEMBER: Tenure 12 months, should be active at least once and should not have defaulted once during GOLD Membership period to get auto upgraded to PLATINUM. If defaulted, your membership would get downgraded,
  • PLATINUM MEMBER: Should not have defaulted once during Gold Membership period; If defaulted, your membership would get downgraded


  • SILVER: Maximum Loan amount Rs.30,000/- (if user is taking today a loan of Rs. 3000, his/her account would have balance limit of Rs 27000/-only; once the earlier loan is repaid, the account would reset to full value)
  • GOLD: Max. Loan amount Rs.40,000/-
  • PLATINUM: Max. Loan amount Rs.60,000/-